Studio19 Digital Solutions


Film Unit

Benefiting from their expertise and experience along the most updated tools, our colleagues provide all services on your video needs, such as video editing, production of documentary and promotional films and so on.

Advertising Unit

Along with the “Idea and Performance” team of Studio 19, we establish, manage, and launch various promotional campaigns in the digital environment. (google, facebook, instagram, telegram and so on)

Web Unit

We are prepared to run your personal and organizational websites with the best quality along with update design trends. We also with you equipped with the best European companies in terms of hosting and domain registration.

Founder & Developer

Hamed Ghavami

There is no such thing as impossible. Either we will find a way or we will make a way.

co-founder & Designer

Kave Ghandali

Art, it does not create crises and wars. It is the best language to be associated with because it gathers, not scatters.

Our latest projects

Our amazing team

Maedeh Sotoudeh
Content Producer
Abbas Yousefian
Video Editor
Arvin Ghavami
Music producer
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Yuna Sikaroudi
Content Producer
Do you want to be in our team?

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